Building Permit Approval

Building Permit Approval

Building permits are the documents that signify that a building surveyor has approved documentation for proposed building work prior to its commencement.
The Building Act and Building Regulations legislate that most building work is subject to the issuing of a building permit.

Building permits are a system of control on construction of building work. They establish, maintain and improve standards for the construction and maintenance of buildings. Permits also enhance the amenity of buildings and protect people using them.

Builde Permits & Inspections have the following extensive experience in the following classes of Buildings:

  • Single & Multi Residential Dwellings – Class 1a(i) & Class 1a(ii)
  • Boarding Homes / Rooming Homes – Class 1b
  • Apartment Buildings – Class 2
  • Hostel / Backpackers – Class 3
  • Accommodation for children or people with disabilities – Class 3
  • Office Buildings – Class 5
  • Retail Buildings including Cafe’s, Restaurant’s, Showrooms – Class 6
  • Warehouse / Wholesale Buildings – Class 7b
  • Factory Buildings – Class 8
  • Schools / Kindergartens / Churches / Sporting Clubs – Class 9b
  • Nightclubs / Bars – Class 9b
  • Garage / Carport / Shed / Fences / Swimming Pools & Safety Barriers /
  • Verandas / Pergolas / Decks – Class 10

If you’re planning on doing the following, you will definitely need a building permit:

  • a new home or factory
  • a swimming pool
  • extensions
  • renovations
  • demolition, or building removal.

You may also need a building permit for smaller projects like: a new fence, re-stumping, retaining wall, boundary wall, spa, safety barrier for a swimming pool or spa, garage, carport, outbuilding, verandah, or pergola.

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